3 Ways to Make a Small Space Larger

Odds are, at some point in your life, you’ve lived in a space that wasn’t quite big enough for you. Whether it was your first home or your childhood bedroom, everyone knows something about making do in a small space. It isn’t always possible to move into a bigger place or add a room. Here are a few tips for ways to make a small space feel bigger.

Add a Window; If you are the owner, you might be able to add a window or open up your existing windows somewhat. Adding a new window lets in light and brings the outdoors inside. Opening up an existing window by widening it, or by removing a busy window treatment, can make the window feel bigger and make the space feel more open. Look at different options for single or double hung window Stafford TX or your area.

Remove a Door; Something else you can do, very carefully, even if you’re just renting, is remove interior doors. You can always take them out, put them in storage, and put them back later. This turns a closed door into an open archway as well as removing the clutter of a door that stands pointlessly open all the time. Obviously you don’t want to remove bedroom or bathroom doors, but if there is a closed door between your dining and living room, for example, it’s probably not needed.

Redecorate; The fastest and easiest way to make a space feel larger is to remove clutter. Too much furniture and too many knick-knacks make a space feel cramped and small. Redecorate and open up your spaces. 

Sometimes creating a larger footprint isn’t possible, and often it isn’t necessary. If you feel cramped in your space, try modifying it. You might find that you have more space than you think, or you might find that the illusion of more space is more than enough.