All the Unique Pool Features You Need Now

If you’ve just made your choice from the selection of fiberglass in-ground pools Missouri, the fun is just beginning. Now it’s time to start working on all the fun features to go along with it. If you want to make your pool and yard one-of-a-kind, check out some of these cool ideas.


Fire and water are a stunning and romantic combination. Whether you go with a fancy one or a simple one, it can provide light and heat for cooler evenings spent drinking wine poolside. It is not only impressive, but it will enhance your family’s enjoyment year-round.

Floating Speakers

Enjoy some music while you lounge around with unusual floating speakers. These cute tropical palm tree speakers look like little islands in an ocean. You can find some pool speakers that have light effects as well.

Built-In Slide

One of the most fun ideas is to build a slide into the stone backdrop of your pool. These aren’t your parents’ pool slides. They look like a naturally occurring rock formation that delivers you right into the deep end.

In-Pool Island

Instead of putting loungers around your pool, try putting them in the middle of the water. Seating areas can be built like mid-pool islands, allowing you to jump out and sun right in your pool

Swim Up Bar

Summer days, cool water and frosty beverages just seem to go together. Why bother risking a fall on wet floors after getting out of the pool? With a little planning, you can just bring the bar to the pool. 


Water features are always a good idea combined with a pool. Waterfalls can be small, adding some soothing sounds as the water flows over rocks, or they can be more elaborate. If you want an elaborate waterfall, build one that you can swim under to get to a grotto.

With a little ingenuity, you can have the pool of your dreams. Find something that looks like fun and get started making it a reality.