Enrollment rate in preschool education reaches 99 pct: Minister

Ebru Karatosun – ANKARA

Enrollment rate in preschool education reaches 99 pct: Minister

The enrollment rate in preschool education has reached 99 percent, Education Minister Mahmut Özer has said, noting this education will be provided free of charge.

Reminding that the number of kindergartens was about 2,700 when he first took to the office, Özer stated that this number has now reached 9,500.

The enrollment rate has also reached from 65 to 99 percent in this education period, the minister added.

Pointing out that his ministry has also solved the problem of girls’ education, which the country has been fighting for a long time, Özer described it as a “silent revolution” to combat inequality of opportunity in education.

One of the important investments made against inequality of opportunity was made in preschool education, Özer stated, adding that no fees would be charged for preschool education starting from the upcoming education period.

“Every year, money was received from kindergartens through the governor’s offices in the provinces. We removed all of them. In other words, there will be no fee for preschool education in the next academic year.”

Referring to the misperceptions in society regarding public and private schools, Özer stated that public schools are more advantageous than private institutions in many respects.

“Even though the education of well-established private schools is also advanced, public schools are always better than private schools. Yes, some private schools offer important elements such as foreign languages, self-confidence and participation in social and cultural events. However, the parameters outside the school are just as effective as the school parameters,” the minister said.

“We have been implementing social policies to strengthen education and equality of opportunity for 20 years, which includes free books, helpful resources, free food and scholarships,” he added.


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