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Indra, one of the leading global technology and consulting companies, trading under the Minsait and Indra employer brands, has received its Top Employer certificate for the fifth year in a row. The certification is the result of a comprehensive analysis that evaluates all the talent management processes and also incorporates the findings of an audit conducted by a third party.

The certification and the good overall rating obtained by the companies bear witness to Indra and Minsait’s firm commitment to talent, excelling in areas such as business strategy, inclusion, sustainability, diversity, ethics and values ​​in the workplace, among many others. More specifically, they scored 100% in the ethics and integrity section, the highest possible score in the ranking, and the same goes for their business strategy and work environment. The companies score over 98% in the diversity and inclusion category and more than 94% in the sustainability category.

Thus, Indra and Minsait scored over 90% in 11 of the 20 categories analyzed by the Top Employer Institute and recorded year-on-year improvements in categories such as business strategy, the onboarding process for new hires to the workforce, the monitoring of their professional achievements and the feedback for improvement received by their personnel, awards and recognition for their professionals, diversity and inclusion, as well as flexibility, one of the aspects most highly valued by Minsait’s employees.

Both employer brands have received numerous awards in recent years that have positioned them as optimal work environments to pursue a career in the high-tech sector. In 2022, Merco is recognized by the group in two rankings, Merco Talento and Merco Talento Universitario Spain 2021/22, for its leadership in attracting and retaining talent in Spain. Minsait holds first place in Spain for its consulting services in this ranking. For several years, Indra has been included in the Bloomberg Gender-Equality Index (GEI), which recognizes the best global practices in terms of transparency, promotion of equality, and diversity.

once again, the company was declared the best IBEX 35 company to work for and the second in Spain in 2022 on the LinkedIn Top Companies list, the annual ranking that includes the companies that best promote the long-term professional success of their employees. For the second consecutive year, Indra topped the list of the 25 best companies with more than 500 employees in which to pursue a career in Spain, identified according to the data analysis of over 700 million LinkedIn users. As for Minsait, it ranks among the social network’s five “Top Companies”.

Their focus on internal talent development and diversity is a factor which, together with their commitments to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), have contributed to Indra, together with Minsait, being named the world’s number one technology company in terms of sustainability, according to the Sustainability Yearbook of S&P Global, the most important sustainability yearbook worldwide, and the Dow Jones Sustainability Index, the most prestigious index in this field.


Wellness Program

The companies have an ambitious Wellness Program that seeks to promote healthy lifestyle habits related to areas such as physical activity, healthy eating, caring for others, mental health and financial well-being. The program recently received the Institutional Award in the 7th Innovation and Health Awards promoted by Mutua Universal.

Indra and Minsait professionals participate in all kinds of activities and services to promote their health and enhance their well-being, such as classes and live sessions, webinars, talks and workshops with experts in health, telemedicine, sporting activities, nutrition and diet, stress management and good habits, among many others.

One of the program’s main initiatives is Wellness Week, which provides the group’s professionals with more than 40 activities related to healthy eating, physical activity, stress management and financial well-being. This series of activities with an eminently practical approach contributes greatly to the emotional bonding between the professionals and the company.

The Wellness Program draws on initiatives from the company’s corporate areas, iincluding HR and Health, as well as proposals by the employees themselves.

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