Mats and underlays for machines – why is it worth using them?

Numerous machines, usually characterized by high weight, are used for construction work. The substrate is often damaged during the works. While the unearthed ground is certainly not very aesthetic, the issue of safety is far more important. Soil erosion is not only associated with unnecessary stagnation, but can also be a potential cause of accidents on the construction site. What to do to prevent this from happening? Invest in high-quality underlays or mats for machines.

Construction machines and their influence on the appearance of the ground on the construction site

Most heavy machinery is designed to shape the ground. Excavators and bulldozers are used to move large amounts of soil as part of construction work. However, they don’t always do it in the fully intended way. Due to their great weight, they intensively press on the ground on which they are moving. Both wheels and tracks are deadly to lawns. By using such machines, we can forget about the beautiful-looking landscape on our plot.

Long-term use of heavy construction equipment can also lead to permanent soil erosion and consequent disturbance of the ecosystem on the construction site. So purchasing machine underlays is the only responsible solution.

How heavy machinery sleepers work? Mats and underlays

Depending on the dimensions of our construction equipment, we can purchase a single mat or a whole set consisting of several pieces. When folded under the machine, they allow you to evenly distribute the weight exerted by the tracks or wheels. Thanks to this, we can protect areas that are particularly sensitive to pressure and reduce the damage caused during construction works. Moreover, the mats also serve as a protective layer for the ground. The machine has no direct contact with the soil and thus it does not tear its surface. In some cases, legal regulations impose an obligation on contractors to ensure cleanliness at the construction site. In such a situation, mats and underlays make this task much easier.

What are the advantages of using an underlay for construction equipment?

Increasingly stricter environmental protection regulations force companies to invest in available solutions that will allow them to effectively eliminate damage caused at the construction site. Machine mats and pads are a relatively cheap solution that is highly effective. It enables the transport of heavy machinery in a manner that is completely safe for the ground.