Medics awarded for performance in health education

Medics awarded for performance in health education

Ti Gong

Medics are honored for their excellent performance in health education.

Medics from international medical facilities are also actively involved in health education. Dr Ding Gang, an oncologist from the Shanghai International Medical Center, is among 20 medics being honored for their excellent performance in public education.

Shanghai health authorities on Wednesday honored a batch of scientific educational works, projects and medical professionals from both public and private facilities for their excellent performance in the education of health care, disease prevention and control, and COVID-19 knowledge.

This is the first time that Shanghai has issued such honors in an effort to encourage scientific and health education, which has been included in the professional evaluation and promotion system of local health staff.

A total of 222 professionals and winning works and projects have received over 5.5 billion Internet views, greatly boosting the public’s health awareness, chronic disease management abilities and compliance with doctors’ advice.

Officials said health education played a very important role during the pandemic to help explain the disease, promote health protection knowledge and provide interesting, useful and easy-to-understand guidance for local residents.

Wen Daxiang, director of the Shanghai Health Commission, said the city had introduced innovative systems to encourage health promotion and all the winning works and projects will be broadcast on various media platforms to make full use of the resources and benefit more residents.

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