This Hogwarts Professor Accidentally Proved How Dumb Magic Education Was

The educational system in the Wizarding World is utterly imperfect, there’s no doubt about that — and this unnoticed movie detail is the best illustration to this point!

Ever since the first Harry Potter book came out, fans started discussing just how flawed the education young wizards were getting was.

The later books never fixed this issue, too: for us Muggles, some aspects of it really stood out, and it’s still impossible to imagine such a system producing functional adults.

Sure enough, being able to cast spells and brew potions is amazing, and these skills are very much worth honing.

However, adult life is far from simply turning teacups into frogs and petting cute magical beasts: even if you’re a wizard (Harry), there are many other aspects of life that are completely ignored in the wizards’ education.

You may argue that magic helps with the majority of everyday tasks, and you’d be correct. But some things are not really subject to magic, and that’s where Hogwarts fails.

While this discussion has been going on for literally decades now, we recently found a funny movie scene that proves our point — but went largely unnoticed.

In The Goblet of Fire, there’s a new Defense Against Dark Arts professor, Alastor Moody. Or, rather, it’s Barty Crouch Jr., a notorious Death Eater, disguised as the legendary Auror to sneak into the school.

Despite his malicious intentions, Barty actually started teaching the kids… and became one of the best professors, really.

Here’s something you need to consider before you see the shot from the movie. Barty Crouch Jr. was born into a wealthy family of wizards, and his father was a respected Ministry official.

Like other kids, Crouch Jr. attended Hogwarts and, considering his father’s ruthless perfectionism, was likely forced to be the best.

Now, take a look at this shot and ask yourself: “What’s wrong with this image?”

Yeap, you guessed it: Barty Crouch Jr. is unable to use proper English.

Despite having studied at Hogwarts, despite being a grown-up man, despite, well, any common sense, the son of a well-positioned Ministry official can’t spell the word “Unforgivable” without putting in an extra E there.

Admittedly, it’s a very common mistake, but still, it showcases the lack of proper education at Hogwarts. Young wizards are not taught their language, they’re not taught mathematics, literature, or basic sciences.

They’ve no idea about anything that isn’t magic-related, and this is one utterly flawed system if you ask us.

After all, let’s be real: if we could, we would totally include Transfiguration and Charms in our schools’ schedule. So it’s definitely an issue with wizards. We, Muggles, would not have made the same mistake!

Don’t mind us still not having proper financial education classes, this is in no way relevant here.

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