Timmins news: Students learn about the trades during Catholic Education Week

In celebration of Catholic Education Week, officials at Ecole Louis-Rheaume are giving students opportunities to learn from others.

“They always say it takes a village to help a child grow; it also takes a village to teach our children,” said Karen Collins, principal of Ecole catholique Louis-Rheaume.

“With the high demand trades, it’s never too early to teach them or to, you know, expose them to different trades out there.”

Chad Tolonen, who owns Timmins Mechanical Solutions, visited the school to donate a remote control excavator and show them how it works.

“It’s a replica of a 48-tonne machine,” said Tolonen. “It’ll do all the machine functions, just on a smaller scale.”

He appreciated the school’s effort to expose students to the trades sector since he said it’s a struggle to find workers.

“So if we start them at this age, maybe 15 years from now we’ll be able to recruit them,” he said.

Other community partners such as geologists and paramedics will also be visiting the school this week to share knowledge about their careers.

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